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Articifial (simulated) Sh

If you have ever heard of simulated (artificial) sheepskin, you have probably been made aware of the many uses it can have relating to apparel, outdoors supplies, and other items that require a strong, but soft, fabric. You may even know about how it is being incorporated by 'green' groups as an alternative to real leather. But did you know about it's uses in home decorating? Simulated (artificial) sheepskin is perfect for a number of items around the house, and it can give you a natural, earthy look that will make you feel comforted and soothed, no matter what room you are in. From functional, to purely decorative, here are a few of the uses you can find for artificial sheepskin in various areas of your home.

1). Living room Suede furniture is a great item that can, and is, made from simulated sheepskin. With rich tones, and a strong, easy to clean cover, you can find some beautiful couches, love seats, and other pieces of furniture that will give you both comfort, as well as design. Round off the look with a sheepskin rug, which looks especially great against wood floors.

2). Bedroom If you live in an area that tends to get cold during the winter, or even just chilly at night, you will love the option of artificial sheepskin linens. From sheets, to under blankets, to full comforters, what makes this material truly wonderful is that it can work to trap in heat, warming you in the coldest weather without the need to pile on blanket after blanket. You can also get lightweight blankets for those nights that are only slightly chilly.

3) Bathroom A number of companies have used the ingenious method of sealing sheepskin in order to great waterproof items for the bathroom. Bathmats, shower curtains, even toilet seat covers, this simulated suede will give you a classic, muted look, without you having to worry about the water ruining the integrity of the fabric.

These are only a few of the options available in using simulated (artificial) sheepskin in home decorating. You don't have to fill your house with unfriendly and expensive animal products like leather. Try the alternative, and get a classic, beautiful look, without the cost or environmental havoc. Start your own home decorating trends today, and join the growing number of artificial sheepskin aficionados from all over the world.

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