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Caring For Suede Sheepski

In a world often dominated by standard leather, there is one material that is often overlooked, and that material is suede sheepskin. Though not quite as tough against wear and tear as leather, it is a beautiful option for those looking to find a muted, natural tone for their clothing. Not only is it a rather attractive fabric type, but it is affordable, and sure to last you for years to come.

While it can be made into anything, the most common and popular items that are made from suede sheepskin are usually shoes and coats, both of which benefit from the softness and feel. It also benefits from the richness of the colors and the way it meshes perfectly with various other thick fabrics, like satin, or fur. It makes wonderful nature-related items, especially, as the manufacturing process creates a waterproof seal over the surface. This creates sturdy boots, or even backpacks, which will allow rain water to just flow off the side without soaking the skin.

One thing that should always be kept in mind when you purchase anything made with suede sheepskin is that fact that it is fairly difficult to wash. You have to be careful that everything is done in a gentle, correct manner, or you risk the integrity and look of the material. Try to limit the amount of dirt and debris that ends up on the suede when using it, unless it is an item specifically meant for dirtier projects, such as camping. The less you have to wash the more delicate forms of suede, the better it will look, and the longer it will last.

You can buy suede guards, which are sprays that will help to protect your suede sheepskin item from damage, and will also help to give you peace of mind. Always use it right after purchasing your suede, and after each time you wash it, so as to keep stains from the surface. It's the best way to protect your suede from becoming used and grungy looking.

Finally, never put your suede into a washing machine, or soak it in water. This will break it down quickly, and you will be unable to repair the damage. Instead, use some kind of soft cloth, dampen it, and slowly (and gently) scrub your suede in small circles. This will lift all dirt from the area, without breaking through the material.

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