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Indoor Sheepskin Slippers

Nothing beats indoor sheepskin slippers during a typical British winter. They are especially perfect for older houses where insulation is not up to modern standards and it is difficult to keep a room perfectly heated. As most will be aware heat rises and in houses where the heating is not particularly efficient you will notice that your feet are the first to get cold and this can have a chain effect throughout your body. Good quality indoor sheepskin slippers will keep your feet cosy and warm and very comfortable as they are usually made of soft leather soles.

Remember that because sheepskin is breathable it is usually very comfortable and will not leave you feeling sticky or clammy. They also not waterproof and will absorb water unless you or the manufacturer spray them with waterproof treatment, such as Scotch guard. But please bear in mind that the sheepskin would lose its breathing qualities, so you have to weigh up the benefits against the disadvantages.

Most manufacturers of outdoor sheepskin slippers also manufacture indoor sheepskin slippers as there's not a huge difference between them, except the indoor slippers are a little lighter, more flexible and have a soft sole. Although it is an extra expense it is definitely worth buying a separate pair of slippers for indoor and outdoor use as you will then benefit from the best of both worlds.

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