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Sheepskin Care & Cleaning

These lambskins are very easy to look after as well, for the parents it doesn’t mean that they would have to sit there hand washing it all the time (if you do wash them by hand, be sure to do them one at a time using a teaspoon amount of non-biological detergent that’s mild), they can simply be placed in the washing machine with low heat wool cycle (maximum of 40 degrees celcius to be precise). Once the process of cleaning is done press until all excess water has come out from the rug, shape the rug back to how it was. You would have to be sure that you are not using any biological washing powder is not used, for example all soap based products, the wool should be kept away from any kind of fabric conditioner.

It would be worth taking note that sheepskins and lambskins are not waterproof unless you use a spray product that is designed to resist rains and stains, one product that would be recommended is “Scotch Gard”. So if you where to leave the house without checking the weather forecast, you wouldn’t be in too much trouble!

The method of washing and drying is basically the same for all sheepskin or lambskin products which is to keep away from direct sunlight as this will change the texture of the wool after it dries, and there should be no artificial heat as this will produce a similar effect, a nice windy dry day is the best you could hope for. If you wish to keep the original shape and quality of the rug use a wire-dog brush before and after the drying process, or you could simply use a rug brush with the wired teeth keeping the rug more hygienic and dust free, and keeping it in the same condition all at once. For keeping dust out with ease a sheepskin duster with natural lanolin both attracting and holding the dust would do fine especially price wise. You should be sure to purchase lambskins or sheepskins that meet the international woolmark standard for genuine sheepskin, also check the product for labels with instructions on how to wash the product.

Sheepskin and lambskin rugs can be used for a number of different things, as seat coverings, as bed coverings, car interior decoration, or simply just home floor coverings.

You can also obtain natural lambskin or sheepskin fleeces which have been hygienically prepared by being clipped to the lengths of between 2 to 3 centimetres (which also means that it could be washed with more ease and on more occasions), they are safe and resilient for the baby. Due to it not having any loose materials coming out from the product also to the fact that its fire resistant it would be suitable for any age

just a recap of main things to take note of;

tumble dry will damage it
drying on a radiator will damage it
storing it in a plastic bag will damage it
using biological washing detergent will damage it
using bleach will damage it
and finally, washing in hot water will damage it

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