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Sheepskin For Babies

For babies the best would be the unshorn type lambskin, even for adults who have difficulties sleeping, or have to sleep in the same position for long periods, this is because it would help the body from move with less of a struggle therefore not effecting the pressure points of the body.

Thus they are comforting to anyone especially babies! Very light and easy to carry, in the winter it helps keep babies warm, and in the summer it does the opposite. They are uncut and therefore at their natural length, this will also be safe enough for a baby as it would not have the lose materials from any clippings. They can be placed on the floor or as laying sheets for the baby. For babies under 1 to 2 years of age it would be best to have a sheet protecting the baby from sleeping faced down, which could be quite hazardous.

Lambskins/sheepskins have their own characteristics (although lambskin is more suitable for babies). Some of the natural qualities of lambskins and sheepskins are as follows:

1 - the baby would have a feeling of comfort due to the resilience quality of the wool which allows air to travel through the wool’s fibre.

2 - Babies would be able to sleep with more comfort due to this quality of resilience and due to the softness of the lambskin compared to normal bed sheets or even compared with sheepskin

3 - They can keep you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

4 -Wool unlike materials like acrylic has a quality of absorbing moisture (which is why you can remove stains from these products as opposed to products made from acrylic) and therefore it would not cause problems such as rash’s for the baby

5 - It is machine washable.

6 - It can be placed practically anywhere for comfort

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