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Sheepskin Mittens

No matter what reason you have for buying mittens, there is just something about sheepskin that makes them particularly special. The material is soft, durable, and very warm, making sheepskin mittens one of the top selling winter items on the apparel market line. But who has the best type, prices, and styles for you and your family?

It can be difficult to find something in sheepskin that is affordable, while still being attractive and easy to clean, two very important elements of mittens, which are sure to get dirtier then certain other suede and leather items you may purchase in the future. Here is a list of the best sheepskin mittens on the Internet, each one offering something special.

  • Deluxe Adult Mittens, by Black Sheep Trading These beautiful, fur cuffed mittens are made of 100% natural suede, and have been hand stitched for a perfect fit. Each one can be adjusted to lay further up the wrist, it preferred. Retail price $36.00.
  • Portuguese Lambskin Gloves, by Shepherd's Flock Made for either men or women, these gorgeous gloves are not actually mittens, as the fingers are separated. However, the supple leather, rich colors, and flexibility of the fabric makes it a truly unique addition to any wardrobe. All are handmade, and have been made for comfort, as well as style. Retail price $56.00. <.li>Nappa Sheepskin Mittens, by VillageShop Love sheepskin, but not so into the suede look? These mittens are perfect for you. With a glossy, nappa finish, they offer a black leather look that so many prefer. They also come with fur cuffs, and fine stitching in brown along the seams. The lining is felt, so guaranteed to offer warmth and comfort. Retail price $29.99.
  • Ricardo Sam Saba Nappa Leather Sheepskin Wool Mittens, by Ricardo Beverly Hills Feel like a celebrity with these beautiful mittens by Ricardo Beverly Hills. This company is well known for their high quality apparel items, and they did not disappoint with these. Sheepskin wool lining is covered with black or brown nappa leather, giving it a glossy finish. The stitching is done by hand, giving it a delicate look, but the strong fabrics mean it is durable against common wear and tear. It is also easy to clean, as a damp rag is usually enough to buff out any dirt, spills, or oils that so commonly destroy gloves. Retail price $45.00.

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