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Sheepskin Slippers

Genuine sheepskin slippers are, unsurprisingly, made from sheepskin. Traditionally most sheepskin slippers were manufactured in either Australia or New Zealand but most recently there have competitively priced offerings from China as well. The product from Australia and New Zealand are well-known and well-respected in the market.

Sheepskin fibres act as natural insulators, meaning that sheepskin slippers are breathable, displacing moisture to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Another benefit of sheepskin slippers is that you can wear them without socks.

If you intend to wear sheepskin slippers outside then make sure you buy one that is appropriate for outdoors. It should have a flexible but sturdy nonslip sole. In order to improve durability the sheepskin slippers should have reinforced areas such as the heel and toe.

sheepskin slippers intended for the indoors are likely to have a soft sole to maximise comfort.

Always compare like-for-like. Unfortunately there are so many companies who are willing to be economical with the truth and will cleverly write descriptions to make products which are not genuine sheepskin sound like they are. If you are ever in doubt or the description looks ambiguous and is unclear then always make sure you ask the supplier or shop exactly what the product is made of.

When choosing the size of your slippers it is worth noting that sheepskin slippers will nearly always feel tight at first and will slowly expand over a few days. You can refer to our slippers size page for a useful table of sizes and conversions. In general the Euro sizes are most accurate. Also note that if you're a half size (i.e. you're a size 8 1/2) then you are better off selecting the next whole number up (i.e. you should choose a size 9).

Good-quality sheepskin slippers have removable and replaceable insoles. Replacements can be ordered separately and you're able to wash the inner sole without washing the entire sheepskin slipper. This is good as it will extend the life of your sheepskin slippers as worn out inner soles can be thrown away and replaced.

sheepskin slippers should be washed using a mild soap and a gentle brush. Rinse and allow the sheepskin slippers to dry away from the heat.

click here to a list of suppliers of sheepskin slippers, including websites where you can buy online.

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